Comparative Section: France

Philippe Cossalter, Jean-Bernard Auby

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APA: Cossalter, P., & Auby, J. (2023). Comparative Section: France. FYPL, Issue 1.

MLA: Philippe Cossalter and Jean-Bernard Auby. 'Comparative Section: France.' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

CHICAGO: Cossalter, Philippe and Auby, Jean-Bernard, 'Comparative Section: France,' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

HARVARD: Cossalter, P., & Auby, J. (2023). 'Comparative Section: France', FYPL, Issue 1


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Like in many other countries, the Covid crisis has had unforeseen and remarkable implications for French public law. It has demonstrated the flexibility of French law in addressing the demands of the pandemic. In this discussion, we will not delve into the merits of the implemented measures. The Covid crisis has significantly amplified three of the structuring principles of French public law, pushing them to their limits: the administrative authority of the President of the Republic, the centralization of the State, and the delicate balance between the general interest and individual freedoms overseen by the Conseil d’Etat. (…)

Issue 1, 2023