Comparative Section: Italy

Elena D'Orlando, Francesca Di Lascio

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APA: D'Orlando, E., & Lascio, F. (2023). Comparative Section: Italy. FYPL, Issue 1.

MLA: Elena D'Orlando and Francesca Di Lascio. 'Comparative Section: Italy.' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

CHICAGO: D'Orlando, Elena and Lascio, Francesca Di, 'Comparative Section: Italy,' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

HARVARD: D'Orlando, E., & Lascio, F. (2023). 'Comparative Section: Italy', FYPL, Issue 1


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The Italian administrative system emerged in the years following the political unification of the country (1861), through the extension of the law of the Kingdom of Sardinia – which had been the main actor of Italian unification – over the other Italian territories. Sardinia’s administrative system was deeply influenced by the French-Napoleonic model of droit administratif, under which administrative law constituted an autonomous and special branch of the law, separated from private law, and endowed public administration with a privileged status over citizens: e.g., disputes between citizens and administrative authorities were mostly settled within the administration itself or by special judges, while the jurisdiction of ordinary courts was extremely limited. (…)

Issue 1, 2023