Increasing Climate Litigation: A Global Inventory

Ivano Alogna

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APA: Alogna, I. (2023). Increasing Climate Litigation: A Global Inventory. FYPL, Issue 1.

MLA: Ivano Alogna. 'Increasing Climate Litigation: A Global Inventory.' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

CHICAGO: Alogna, Ivano, 'Increasing Climate Litigation: A Global Inventory,' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

HARVARD: Alogna, I. (2023). 'Increasing Climate Litigation: A Global Inventory', FYPL, Issue 1



Climate change, often described as a “super-wicked” problem, has led to an increasing number of legal actions against governments and corporations worldwide. These cases, stemming from the failure of national and international policymakers to address climate change adequately, are expanding in scale and ambition. This article explores climate litigation as a response to the urgent climate change crisis. It provides a global overview of climate-related litigation by examining prominent domestic cases, underscoring the collective nature of climate governance and the crucial role of the judicial system in addressing this global challenge.

Issue 1, 2023