Global climate governance turning translocal

Delphine Misonne

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APA: Misonne, D. (2023). Global climate governance turning translocal. FYPL, Issue 1.

MLA: Delphine Misonne. 'Global climate governance turning translocal.' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

CHICAGO: Misonne, Delphine, 'Global climate governance turning translocal,' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

HARVARD: Misonne, D. (2023). 'Global climate governance turning translocal', FYPL, Issue 1



This contribution delves into the emerging trend of localization within climate governance in Europe, offering insights from both legal and institutional perspectives. Many initiatives are interconnected through networks and imitation dynamics that transcend national borders, influencing and even constraining the decisions of individual nations. Recent developments in climate law and litigation underscore the transformation of global climate governance into a trans-local phenomenon. The shift toward the local arena has facilitated the development of complementary strategies, enhancing cohesion in recent legal advancements, which, notably, were not explicitly outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Issue 1, 2023