Comparative Section: UK

Lee Marsons, Yseult Marique

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MLA: Lee Marsons and Yseult Marique. 'Comparative Section: UK.' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

CHICAGO: Marsons, Lee and Marique, Yseult, 'Comparative Section: UK,' FYPL Issue 1 (2023).

HARVARD: Marsons, L., & Marique, Y. (2023). 'Comparative Section: UK', FYPL, Issue 1



In 2022, there have been three major crises in the UK:

  • An economic crisis precipitated by high inflation, high cost of living, a new trading arrangement with the EU post-Brexit and high levels of public spending during Covid-19 leading to massive public debt.
  • A social crisis when it comes to socio-economic inequalities across the UK, which has prompted a political and constitutional focus on devolution and localism and redressing regional disparities.
  • A political crisis in the governing party, the Conservatives, because they are torn about how to address the abovementioned two crises, leading to choices of leaders which have resulted into major political upheaval.

This survey illustrates how the UK navigated these three crises in 2022.

Issue 1, 2023